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    focused on the acquisition and management of real estate and businesses.

Founded in 2007

Island Business Management, LLC (“IBM Hawaii”) is a growing real estate investment and business management consulting firm providing practical and innovative solutions to business owners, real estate developers, investment companies, and key decision-makers of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

IBM Hawaii

Formerly known as Investment Quorum International Advisory, IBM Hawaii is a real estate, business, and financial consulting company focused on the acquisition and management of real estate and businesses.

Consulting Projects

Additionally, IBM Hawaii assists clients with fee-based consulting projects including but not limited to mergers & acquisitions, management, and strategic planning.

Meet our founder RYAN M. TANAKA

Mr. Tanaka has over 10 years of experience in management, investment banking, real estate & business valuations and acquisitions.  Mr. Tanaka is the Managing Member of Island Business Management, LLC, a management consulting company focused on mergers and acquisitions of real estate and businesses and on-going management to increase short- and long-term value for clients.  Since September of 2007 Mr. Tanaka has assisted clients with real estate acquisitions, real estate developments, management consulting, business development, budgeting & financial reporting, and asset management for real estate portfolios, businesses, and transactions ranging anywhere from under $1 million to over $1 billion.


Since 2007, we at Island Business Management, LLC (IBM Hawaii) have assisted many companies here in the Hawaiian Islands as well as in multiple states and countries and have completed numerous real estate and business transactions.  Our philosophy at IBM Hawaii is to:

1) increase value for clients

2) adhere to our core values

3) remain dedicated to community building.  The following case studies have been selected to highlight the type of work IBM Hawaii does and the positive impact we make on our clients with an emphasis on increasing value:

Holy Nativity School is a leading private elementary school in East Oahu.

-Work closely with Tim Spurrier to navigate all financials and facilities-related issues.  Assisted in the creation, approval, and implementation of a multi-year fiscal improvement plan.  (2012 to present)

“Ryan’s thoughtful analysis and well prepared financial plan allowed our school to drastically improve our prospects for the future. After many years of debt, the school, following Ryan’s plan, changed course and created a positive cash flow. Ryan is the ultimate leader and team player.”

Tim SpurrierHead of School, Holy Nativity School. Mr. Spurrier’s biography is found herewww.holynativityschool.org

Saint Louis School is a leading private school in the State of Hawaii.

– Serving on the President‘s Council as COO/CFO, worked for President Kirimitsu and together improved the school’s marketing program to increase enrollment, collaborated on and implemented a multi-year fiscal improvement plan, and engaged in large capital improvements for the school’s facilities and classrooms. (2011-2012)

“Ryan Tanaka served as my COO/CFO and significantly contributed to the success of Saint Louis School.  Outstanding executive performance,”

The Honorable Judge Walter Kirimitsu’58, President, Saint Louis School. Judge Kirimitsu’s biography is found by clicking on this link.

Advanced Lead Recovery is a lead reclamation and recycling operation.

– Secured funding for and assisted in the opening of for a business conglomerate located in Tacoma, Washington. (2007-2010)

“Our company was expanding in new directions where our management was inexperienced.  We engaged Ryan and his team to help us with the transition and ongoing management.  He researched the new markets in depth, presented his findings, coordinated the implementation with our personnel, and grew these divisions.  With his help we expanded our growth into four completely new industries including Sky Deck concrete construction, mining for secondary metals, rebar fabrication, equipment design, and manufacturing, and carved rock work.  Ryan was extremely professional, easy to work with, a strong team player, and did a great job for us.”

Mike McMahanManaging Member/President, Advanced Lead Recovery

Deutsche Securities, Inc., a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, is a top five investment bank in Tokyo.

– Worked for Bret Dandoy, Chief Administrative Officer of Deutsche Securities, Inc.  As a full-time analyst in Regional Management, assisted Mr. Dandoy with the coordination, review and approval of new products and businesses that were being proposed by different business divisions and desks throughout the firm. (2005-2007)

“Ryan worked for me as an analyst in Regional Management.  He was able to learn and adapt quickly to various environments throughout the firm.  Ryan was pleasant to work with and demonstrated good judgement and character.”

Bret DandoyChief Administrative Officer, Deutsche Securities, Inc.

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At Island Business Management, LLC (“IBM Hawaii”), we offer fee-based real estate and business consulting services with a financial consulting emphasis to increase the overall net worth of our clients and to grow their businesses and real estate portfolios.  We do this by first improving the overall financial condition of our clients while also conducting our work and assisting in real estate and business transactions centered on value, long-term growth, and community building.

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